UAV Flight School - On the Job training

On the Job training to students & Professionals
Aero360 is the first & Only dedicated UAV training facility setup in 2012 to provide training in Unmanned Aerial Systems(UAVs or Drones) for Aerial Photography, Aerial Mapping, Aerial Inspections & other commercial applications.
On The Job Training


  • Aero360 provides On Job training to students & Professionals.
  • Students will be trained real-time in projects to work in Aerial Mapping, Aerial Photography, Aerial Inspections & Other applications in Construction, Mining & Agriculture Industries.

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Ideal for

  • Under Graduates/Post Graduates students
  • Students/Professionals looking for real time UAV Industry exposure
  • Students/Professionals planning for higher studies
  • Students/Professionals planning to start UAV Business in India

Why Aero360?

  • The first & Only Indian Company to provide world-class UAV training & Intelligent Industrial drones for commercial applications
  • Our UAV trainers bring 8+ years of UAV training expertise to the table
  • The only UAV training school which ensures 100% placements. Our students are working with Ideaforge, Aiblob, Kadet Defence systems, AirPix & others


  • To apply for the course, the concerned candidate should possess an undergraduate degree either in science or arts.

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Training Syllabus

MODULE 1 – Introduction to UAV

  • Classification of UAV

  • DGCA regulations & guidelines for Drone Operations

MODULE 2 – Design of Fixed wing UAV and Multicopters

  • Introduction to Fixed Wing

  • Design

  • Working principle

  • Launch and landing mechanism

  • Classification

  • Calculation

  • Applications

  • Introduction to Multicopters

  • Working principle

  • Classification

  • Applications

MODULE 3 – Design of Electrical Systems

  • Introduction to Electricals

  • Motors, Batteries, Propellers & Other electrical systems

  • Design of Electrical Systems for Fixed Wing UAV

  • Design of Electrical Systems for Multirotor drone

  • Analysis of Electrical Systems for UAV performance

MODULE 4 – Introduction to Avionics

  • Introduction to Avionics

  • Autopilot, Datalink, Telemetry, Navigation

  • Payloads

  • Sensors, Camera

MODULE 5 – Practical training

  • Integration of Electrical parts with Fixed wing UAV

  • Integration of Electrical parts with Multirotor drone

  • Integration of Avionics and payload with Fixed wing UAV

  • Integration of Avionics and payload with Multirotor drone

  • Assembling and dismantling Fixed wing UAV

  • Assembling and dismantling Multirotor drone

  • Integration and Calibration of Transmitters and receivers

  • Integration of Auto-Pilot, Datalink and GPS systems

  • Calibration of Auto-Pilots, Data link and GPS systems

  • Ground control Station set up

  • Mission Planning

MODULE 6 – Piloting – Fixed Wing/Multi-copter

  • Simulator flight training

  • Ground Control Station Set-up

  • Pre-flight Checks

  • GPS & IMU Calibration

  • UAV Pilot Training

  • Post-flight Checks

MODULE 7 – Data processing

  • Introduction to types of models

  • DEM, DTM, Orthophoto, point cloud, contours, etc

  • Introduction to Photogrammetry

  • Data Processing methods & techniques

  • Processing of aerial data for required outputs

  • Integration of data to GIS software for analysis

Course Information

Course Duration - One Month

1 Month
Classroom , Practical Training and Real-Time Projects
On-Job training – Fixed Wing & Multicopter training, 100% assured Placement Offer.

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