Extended Flight Time

2-3+ hours of continuous operation with max. payload even on adverse weather conditions.

Heavy lifting

With the advanced hybrid propulsion system, the payload capacity is greatly enhanced to support 3-5kg of task loads.


With Vertical Takeoff and landing capabilities, The Drone can take off from smaller and constraint spaced without difficulty and without additional setup.

Launch and Land from any Sea or Shore-borne platforms

A new era of drone flight, offering the ability to operate autonomously from a moving vehicle or vessel on land or at sea.

Longer Range

Digital Datalink with Integrated Onboard Computer Two HD video channels, telemetry and control with ultra low latency and range up to 20 km

Payload Options

Delivery Winch/ Gripper

Delivery Winch/ Gripper for heavy delivery operations. Specially made for delivery of Life saving essentials like Life Jacket, First AID kit as well as commercial payloads for marine needs.

High resolution Optical Zoom camera

High resolution Optical Zoom camera for long distance monitoring for Mid sea surveillance, inspections and Monitoring of stranded targets, Vessels, Wind turbines, Oil Rig Platforms, Cranes etc

EO/IR cameras

EO/IR cameras for day and Night surveillance to zero in on Pirates, Smugglers and Unauthorised Vessel movement. Payload is also suitable for monitoring equipment operations and conducting search & rescue missions at night

High Definition Camera

High Definition Camera for high accurate Survey and Mapping of land, regions, structures, buildings, cities/habitats etc

UAV Specifications

UAV Type

Multi copter


Fuel Powered Hybrid Core

Fuel Capacity

10 litres

Flight Time

3 hours

Maximum Take Off Weight

19 kgs


High Wind Resistance


40 Kmph

Range & Body

15-50 kms & Carbon Fibre