See How the ASTRA-M Drone Can be Used in Your Industry

Surveying / GIS / Remote Sensing

Capture aerial data, create detailed maps, gather geospatial information, and conduct topographic surveys, including orthomosaic mapping, 3D point cloud generation, digital elevation model (DEM) creation, and vegetation index mapping.
Drone for surveying-industry - Aero360
Drone for Agriculture - Aero360


Monitoring crop health, analyzing irrigation patterns, and identifying areas of interest for precision farming


Mapping mining sites, identifying mineral deposits, and monitoring mining operations
Drone for Mining - Aero360
Drone for Forestry - Aero360


Assessing changes in forests, wetlands, and natural habitats for conservation efforts and ecosystem management

Constructions / Infrastructure

Conducting rapid and accurate data of buildings, bridges, and pipelines to identify potential issues and monitor structural integrity useful for urban development, zoning, and infrastructure planning
Drone for surveying-industry - Aero360