See How the ASTRA-S Drone Can be Used in Your Industry

Security and Law Enforcement

Extensively used by law enforcement agencies and security companies for monitoring public events, crowd control, search and rescue operations, traffic management, and crime prevention.
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Border Security and Immigration Control

Utilized to patrol borders and coastlines, helping to detect and prevent illegal crossings, smuggling, and other border-related security issues.

Industrial Security

In industries such as oil and gas, mining, and critical infrastructure, drones are employed to monitor facilities, detect intrusions, and ensure compliance with safety regulations.
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Infrastructure Inspection

Utilized to inspect bridges, buildings, power lines, and other infrastructure for maintenance and safety assessments. They can access hard-to-reach areas without the need for human presence.

Wildlife monitoring

Used in wildlife monitoring and anti-poaching efforts. They help track animal populations, monitor habitat changes, and detect illegal hunting activities
Drone for surveying-industry - Aero360
Drone for Forestry - Aero360

Insurance and Disaster Assessment

After natural disasters, drones are deployed to assess damage to properties and infrastructure, helping insurance companies process claims more efficiently