industrial inspection drone services

Industrial Inspection

If you desire to have continuous productivity with up close imagery of critical infrastructures and equipment with on-demand aerial monitoring without logistical challenges on the ground, you can easily achieve that with clever aerial monitoring without logistical challenges.


The close inspection performed by the individual to identify the irregularities, cracks, or damage in the chimney/smokestack of an oil refinery is to be done to ensure everything is in order.

Storage Tanks

The inspection of cracks and corrosion and the anomalies on the rafters, walls, and roof sections of storage tanks is usually performed by conducting a close visual inspection.

Asset Health Check

The process of evaluating the intensity of damages on an asset in order to plan for its decommissioning or rehabilitation without human intervention.


By using drone technology for the inspection of critical production segments, you will be able to reduce the downtime of the refinery to a great extent.

Radiant Box

The visual inspection of radiant tubes at various heights in a complex environment for corrosion, structural integrity, cracks, and defects is essential.

Wind Turbines

To ensure that there are no defects or anomalies, one must perform close up inspections of the blades, pillar, and basement of wind turbines.


Before evaluating the integrity of the pipeline, you must first evaluate its condition for cracks, corrosion, leaks, or spills.

Waste Incinerator

The combustion chamber comprises of the refractory, burners, tubes, and pipes. All of these parts must be examined.

Oil Rigs

The ballasts and tanks of offshore rigs are inspected for any irregularities in their structure.

Water Dams

To check the integrity of various confined spaces such as cracks, cavitation, algae collections, and debris depositions in a dam, you can use visuals to collect information.


By using top mounted camera and non-GPS feature you can easily inspect the underneath of the bridges to identify bridge damages, performance, and capacity deterioration issues.


You can keep an eye on the building structures, like beams, ceiling vents, roofing, and facades, without any scaffolding, just with a general visual inspection.


Get the detail information regarding the liquid levels or leaks that occur at the top of high-voltage transformers.

Cooling Tower

Inspect the general conditions of the cooling tower & clarity of sump water.

Conveyor Belt

Examine the integrity of conveyor belts without disturbing their operations.


Inspect the surfaces of tunnels for cracks and damages with both photographs and live videos.


Conduct visual check and inspect the interiors of the structure for any damages.


Inspect ship’s oil & bunker tanks to identify cracks, leakages and take preventive measures.


Drone based visual Inspections helps in maintenance, repair & overhaul (MRO) ensuring the airworthiness of the aircraft faster.

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