Turnkey Services

360*solutions including data acquisition, processing and analysis globally through
our Pilot Partner Network & Centralised Data Processing for your projects

Stakeholder Engagement

Our data analysts & experienced pilots review the scope of the project and prepare a preliminary report to configure specialized mission plans.

Data Acquisition

An Aero360 licensed Pilot Partner will collect your data ensuring location-specific regulatory, safety & industry standards.

Data Processing

We centralize all data processing providing actionable intelligence into a single scalable secure dashboard to appropriate personnel.

Data Analysis & Reporting

Our experienced data analysts double-check, analyze and integrate the results in a timely manner while ensuring highest level of data accuracy.

Roads & Railways

Inspect and monitor your transportation infrastructure with our fast, scalable and reliable turnkey services in a fraction of time and resources.

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Stay informed about multiple construction sites regarding key geotechnical information, operations tracking and asset-health diagnostics without physically being present.

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Solar & Wind

Quickly detect and diagnose crucial points of interest in your energy generation infrastructure to ensure uninterrupted power generation.

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Streamline operations, identify short-comings and stay steps ahead for your mining operations in a safe and an efficient manner.

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Multiply production by precisely monitoring crops, livestock and yield to ensure timely care at a fraction of the cost.

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Identify defects in cell towers and tall assets in a quick manner without compromising safety and serviceability."

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