Aero360's Drone Solutions for

Forestry Industry

Our Drone Solutions

Our drones equipped with advanced sensors enable efficient and comprehensive forest inventory by capturing data on tree species, health, density, and more.
Accurate spatial data helps in monitoring changes in flora and fauna, aiding in the conservation of endangered species and overall ecosystem health.
Precise mapping of habitats allows for targeted conservation efforts and strategic planning to protect critical wildlife zones.

Survey and Mapping

Drone for Forestry - Aero360

Real-time monitoring of forested areas helps in detecting and preventing illegal logging activities, safeguarding forests from degradation.

Early detection of forest fires using our drones’ thermal imaging capabilities enables quick response and minimizes fire-related damage.

Our solutions aid in monitoring forestry operations to ensure adherence to sustainable practices and compliance with regulations.

Security and Surveillance


Education and Research

We actively support education and research initiatives aimed at advancing agricultural practices through geospatial technology. Our solutions enable researchers, students, and institutions to conduct field studies, gather data, and develop innovative methods for agricultural enhancement.

Join us in embracing innovation for the betterment of our forests and the planet.

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