Security & Surveillance

Elevate your security game with Aero360’s cutting-edge drones. Experience unmatched vigilance and control.
Experience unmatched security and surveillance capabilities with Aero360’s advanced drone solutions. Our high-performance drones are designed to safeguard your assets, provide real-time monitoring, and enhance situational awareness.

Benefits of Drone Surveillance

Real-Time Monitoring

Monitor your premises and assets remotely with livestreaming capabilities.

Quick Response

Drones provide rapid deployment for emergency situations and threat assessment.


Reduce the need for on-ground security personnel and enhance coverage.

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our range of security and surveillance drones


Longer endurance drone of upto 2 hrs, covers longer range and higher altitude. Ideal for longer surveillance and situation.
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Modular Drone with multiple surveillance camera option. Perfect surveillance partner.
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Portable Drone which is ready in no time, longer time in air for surveillance. Rainproof and capable to work day and night.
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A nano drone packed with advanced technologies that fits your palm. Silent and Fast. Ideal for Tactical mission and quick surveillance.
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Drone for Training - Aero360

Training and Support

Aero360 offers specialized training for drone operators in security and surveillance applications.

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Ready to elevate your security and surveillance capabilities?

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