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Aerial Surveying Made Easy with VYOMA-M

Effortlessly Powerful Flight

VYOMA-M is a fixed-wing VTOL Drone that can take-off from anywhere and operate for a flight time of 2+ hours. This drone is built with high quality composite material, which ensures sturdiness and durability.

The drone is electrically powered with low maintenance requirements. With various camera options the drone can cover a larger area in a single flight as such you can complete your operation in half the time compared to most of the Fixed Wing VTOL drones of this category in the market.

0 + mins
Max Flight Time
0 + kms
Operational Range
0 .5 kg
Payload Capacity
0 m/s
Maximum Speed
Vyoma-m Drone - Aero360

Fully Autonomous

The drone operates autonomously, including takeoff and landing. An easy-to-use command and control application can be used to plan and carry out missions. Takeoff, capture data as per flight plan, fly back and land, all without any human intervention. One touch will do the task. Sit back and monitor while VYOMA does the job for you.

Multiple Mapping Payload options

One drone, multiple payload options. With the range of camera payload options, you won’t need to purchase multiple UAVs for different operations, you can save money on your investment

Accurate and Seamless Data Acquisition

With the PPK Module, there would be no more GCP points. Find accuracy upto 5mm. Data is accurate without tedious tasks.

High performance and Reliability

Cutting-edge technology and multiple redundancy systems for safe operation VYOMA Drone is a Reliable System. Durable Composite Material ensures robustness and longevity. Fly it with no more worries.

Airborne in Minimal Time

Field assembly is quick and simple. It requires no tools at all and takes less than 30 seconds. It’s all plug and play. No Preflight calibration required

Engineered for Precision and Accurate Data Collection with Post Processed Kinematics-PPK

In order to validate and tag your drone imagery to the ground for traditional drone surveying, you need a large enough number of Ground Control Points(GCP). GCP is a tedious task and high accuracy cannot be achieved. Positioning with centimeter accuracy in Post Processing Kinematics(PPK) for precise UAV mapping with less/no GCPs. VYOMA-M with PPK, collects better accurate data without the tedious GCP process. Easy Data Collection in reduced time and effort.

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Drone Category

Small Class UAV


213 cm

Wind resistance at flight altitude

12m/s at takeoff and landing & 22m/s during flight



Operating Frequency

2.4 GHz


8.5 kg

Flight time (on a single battery)

2+ hours

GNSS Grade

PPK/RTK Enabled onboard GNSS along with Base (Master) GNSS receiver


  • Return Home on Comms failure
  • Return Home/Land on low battery
  • DUAL GPS on-board for GPS failure
  • Return to Home on High Wind
  • Smart Low Battery Predictor
  • Terrain Avoidance



Maximum Operating Altitude

5000m ASL

Cruise Speed

15 – 19 m/s

Deployment Time

< 1 minutes

Working temperature

-10°C to 55°C

Max payload

1.5 kg

Landing and Takeoff



15+ kms

Absolute X, Y, Z accuracy

< 10cm

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