Fortress in the Skies

VAJRA – S – Surveillance Drone for Defense

Experience Advanced Surveillance Capabilities

VAJRA – S is a cutting-edge surveillance drone designed for various
applications, offering a flight time of 30 minutes, an impressive range of 5
kilometers, and a payload capacity of 500 grams. With its advanced
capabilities, Vajra-S revolutionizes surveillance operations and provides
valuable insights to a wide range of industries.

0 mins
Max Flight Time
Upto 0 kms
Operational Range
0 m/s
Maximum Wind Resistance
IP 0
Weather Proof

Key Features

Payload Capacity

Vajra-S’s 500-gram payload capacity allows for versatile sensor integration, accommodating various cameras and equipment for specialized tasks.

GPS Positioning

Equipped with GPS technology, the drone ensures precise navigation and stable flight paths, even in challenging environments.

Real-time Video Transmission

Vajra-S enables live video streaming, providing instant access to critical surveillance footage for real-time decision-making.

Compact and Portable

The drone’s lightweight and foldable design make it easily transportable, ensuring quick deployment in any situation.

Intelligent Flight Modes

Autonomous flight modes, such as waypoints and follow-me, enhance operational efficiency and ease of use.

Master Your Mission Environment

Explore Payload Options

Enhancing Surveillance Drone Solutions

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Get Up Close with VAJRA-S

Soar into Insights

Drone Category

Small Class UAV

690 mm

Wind resistance

8 m/s



Operating Frequency

2.4 GHz


 4 kg

Flight time (on a single battery)

Upto 30+ minutes

GNSS Grade

RTK Enabled onboard GNSS along with Base (Master)
GNSS receiver


  • Return Home on Comms failure
  • Return Home/Land on low battery
  • DUAL GPS on-board for GPS failure
  • Terrain Avoidance



Maximum Operating Altitude

4500 m AGL

Cruise Speed

5 – 7 m/s

Deployment Time

< 5 minutes

Working temperature

-10¬įC to 55¬įC

Max payload

600 g

Landing and Takeoff



Upto 10 kms

Absolute X, Y, Z accuracy

< 10 cms

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