Surveying & Mapping solutions

Surveying & Mapping

Quickly cover a large area and then transform the data into effective 3D models, Point Clouds, Orthomosaics, topographical maps, and Digital elevation models DEM.

Surveying & GIS

Use high-resolution Ortho-photos, precise contours, and digital elevation models for large-scale and hard-to-reach areas to reduce the costs and hours of work associated with field data collection and surveying.


Digitally map the high-accurate 3D contours and hybrid drone elevation models from Aero360 to optimize quarry management, pit operation, and high accurate stockpile measurement to increase worker safety on site


Measure cutting and filling volumes, perform as-built surveys, and generate accurate 3D models for monitoring and managing critical infrastructure and assets.


With advanced scouting and crop monitoring, you can detect and monitor diseases and cultivate crops quicker before they are visible on the ground to increase crop yields.

Environmental Monitoring

Land changes, tracking wildlife, conserving forests, identifying species, and modeling glaciers can be done without low-resolution satellite imagery or costly manned aircraft.

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