Ardent entrepreneur with a passion for drone technology. I have successfully trained over 5000+ candidates across India in the design & development of drones. With 7 years of immersive experience in the drone industry, my journey has encompassed technology innovation, design, development, and operational excellence. My credible expertise shines through in numerous drone survey and inspection projects, catering to a diverse range of industries across India. Let's soar higher together! #dronetech #entrepreneurialspirit

Women in Drone Industry

Celebrating Women in the Unseen Skies of the Drone Industry 

While the drone industry often spotlights pilots and CEOs, a vast network of women thrives behind the scenes. From meticulously analyzing data to crafting the software that powers drone operations, their contributions are instrumental in shaping the future of this dynamic field. This International Women’s Week, we celebrate these unsung heroes and their remarkable impact on the skies above.

From Sky to the Rescue: How Drone Technology is Revolutionizing Disaster Management

Disasters are like unwelcome guests that can strike anywhere, anytime, and bring chaos to people‚Äôs lives, the environment, and infrastructure. Hence, having a well-planned and executed disaster management system is not just an option, but a necessity.  Disaster management is a collective effort that seeks to minimize the devastating effects of natural or human-made disasters…